Newborn Portraits

Photographing a newborn always brightens my day! The ideal newborn portrait is taken within their first 4 to 10 days. Your baby will still have that precious newborn tuck and curl. It's also easier to get the "sleeping baby" portraits that everyone loves. Once they get much older than 2 weeks they begin to stretch out and stay awake longer. So for your best results, please schedule to bring your baby in within that 4 to 10 day time window.

I have a ton of newborn backgrounds, props, hats, blankets and such, but you are always welcome to bring anything that you have to incorporate into the session. I allow up to two hours for the total session time, but we can often get everything done in an hour or less. I allow the extra time in case your baby needs to feed often or is having a difficult time getting settled down.

This is a safe baby zone, so I always focus on your child's complete safety. I will not use props or poses that can potentially harm your baby. Occasionally I will see photos on Pinterest or Facebook that make me cringe as a baby was put into a potentially dangerous situation (e.g., placed in a glass jar, wrapped in Christmas lights, put on railroad tracks -- yikes!). No portrait is worth endangering your child.  What I will do is create beautiful, natural, safe, lasting portraits of your child that you will treasure forever.

Session Investment

The session fee for newborn portraits is $99. If you choose to prepurchase a package that includes announcements, wall portraits and/or digital files at a value of $500 or more I will waive the session fee. Likewise, if you purchase a similar sized package after the session, I will credit $50 of the session fee towards your portrait package purchase. Or, check out the details of my Beautiful Baby Club below if you would like multiple sessions in your child's first year.

Package details can be downloaded here.


Beautiful Baby Club

Join for just $'s the Perfect Newborn gift!  Get discounted prints, free sessions, and more!

A baby grows and changes so much in the first year of their life. They magically transform from tiny infants to walking, talking toddlers in a mere 24 months! Now you can be sure to perfectly capture every major developmental stage in a beautifully crafted portrait created by Michael. With our Beautiful Baby Club, a small initial fee opens a door to tremendous savings on sessions, portraits and other products over the course of your baby’s first two years. That’s more money that you can spend on toys, diapers...or a trip to the spa to escape for a few hours.

Basic Program:

  • $99 club initiation -- it's the same price as my standalone newborn session for non-club members
  • Up to 4 portrait sessions in the first year (we suggest maternity, newborn, 4-6 months, and 9-12 months)...sessions just $25 as part of the club!
  • FREE 8x10 with any individual portrait order over $200
  • FREE family portrait session after 4 sessions and 4 packages are purchased
  • Pay as you need to pre-purchase sessions or portraits


  • Complete Year 1 with 4 Total Sessions, get 2 FREE ACCORDION BOOKS at the end of Year 1 with 4 sessions completed in Year 1 and a minimum $100 order from each session
  • Purchase a softcover Memory Book featuring ALL preview images from all 4 sessions for just $99 (add $25 for hardcover upgrade)