Clowning around at Circus World Museum

I recently had the honor of being the only photographer invited to shoot inside of the new Circus World Museum exhibit “Caught in the Act” prior to its public unveiling this week.  A creative shoot with circus exhibits, clowns, and the Ringmaster? Where do I sign up!

The shoot also gave me a chance to further field test my new array of Neewer tt850 studio and location flashes as well as some other new gear I have.  The end result?  Circus magic!  Plus, I am sure that some of this work will grace the pages of the book I am currently working on as a follow up to my newly released Shoot to Thrill.  But enough words…I’ll leave the writing for the book.

Thank you to my intrepid circus performers/models:  Greg and Karen the clowns, Erin Thomson the circus performer and tiger tamer, David the Ringmaster, and Scott the Museum Director.  And special thanks to my location team of Krystal Lamberty, Callie Strouf and Bill Johnsen.

Let’s check out the pics!


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