Tips for Surviving the Bridal Show, Michael Mowbray, Madison Wedding Photographer

Here are some helpful tips to make the bridal show more enjoyable and effective for you.
1. Bring a water or buy something to drink. It’s really dry in there and after walking around and eating cake for a bit you will be parched. Plus water helps keep you energized…true story!
2. Look at the map for the vendors you are most interested in. Get to them early because dates go quickly and you would hate to lose yours to the person who came in a little ahead of you.
3. Keep your posse small. It gets crowded in there and a large posse will slow you down and clog up the works. Plus everybody will be giving you opinions, and it all becomes noise in your head very quickly.
4. We’ll offer consultations at the show, but we’re also scheduling consultations for the next couple of weeks. It’s a chaotic atmosphere, so if you’d prefer to stop in, say “Hi”, and then schedule a consultation for after the show, that is totally cool.:)
5. If you’re not interested in the fashion show, that is the best time to chat with your target vendors. It’s quieter and you can spend more time with them.
6. Take some notes on who and what you like…it’s all a blur after the show.
7. Have key questions jotted down. It will help you in the chaos.
8. Be ready to share your date over and over again. Many of us can book the date only once (in our case, twice), so we want to know that we’re even available.

I hope to see you at the show!  We’re in booth # 417

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