Windy City engagement session just flu by…Michael Mowbray…Madison WI Wedding Photographers

When Tricia and Chris opted to have their engagement session in downtown Chicago, I thought “Cool! I can get out of Madison for a day and shoot something different.” Although I did shoot several weddings in Chicago this year. But I digress. I was even thinking of a little jaunt over to IKEA. So the big day arrives and I am on day two of the flu AND the weather called for 50mph wind gusts in Chicago. Of course. But, do I reschedule. Of course…NOT. It was part “get it in before the weather really changes” plus “let’s see if I can gut it out and shoot while whiny and mildly delirious”. The answer was “yes” on both counts. From the Kinzie Street bridge to the L to the financial district to the skyline I think we nailed it. Special thanks goes to Krystal who braved the roundtrip car ride and the shoot with Mr. Sickee. Her reward? She got it the same thing a week later. Ah, the sacrifices we must make for our craft.

For maximum viewing pleasure, please select the “full screen” viewing option in the lower right hand side of the video player.

To view and purchase prints from the complete session, visit their online gallery.  Plus, you can order a DVD of the highlight video for just $95.

© Michael Mowbray, Chicago engagement session

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